The Digital Diva Society 

DIVA Media is proud to launch The Digital DIVA Society which helps Wedding and Event businesses run their Social Media effectively. 

The Digital Diva Society was born as a middle ground between having Full Social Media Management from DIVA Media, and not knowing how to market your business to your target market.

Many Wedding Industry Professionals  want to run their Digital Marketing themselves but need a little helping hand along the way and aren't sure how to turn their followers into paying clients. (Sounding like you yet?!) Whether its the basics of setting up your accounts on platforms you may not be using, or more in depth media training in the understanding of insights - we have this covered in the Digital DIVA Society. 

Social Media and Digital Marketing are now more important than EVER before and has become an imperative piece of marketing for small businesses. Within the wedding and event sector - if you don't have a shop front, the only two ways of marketing and selling your business is wedding shows, and online marketing. 

Become part of a new Society of Wedding Professionals all looking to turn their platforms into a hub of bookings join the waiting list today for freebies when you join as well as priority joining! Doors open 16th October! Join the waiting list NOW! 

Thinking of joining but want to know more...drop us an email -



£19 per month 


  • If required - Video help on setting up either an Instagram Page, a Facebook Page or a LinkedIn Page.

  • Daily Tips and Post Prompts 

  • How to optimise your profile(s).

  • Access to our Private Members Community on Facebook 

  • Access to Instagram Engagement Pod driving traffic to your page.

  • Calendar of key dates sent straight to your inbox every month each month 

  • Hashtag Help and Understanding

  • Networking with suppliers and promoting each other within your industry 

  • New APP information and discounts to download them, that are key to helping your business. 

  • LIVE Call every week within private community with a chance to ask any questions and listen to others. 

  • One Training session per month - for example - Facebook Analytics and Insights, Instagram Insights, Training to increase your social skills etc.

  • Direct contact with me - Sophie -whenever you need it for social media and digital marketing help.

  • Instagram Take Over - Take Over the DIVA Weddings (10.1k+ followers) Instagram with swipe up links enabled. 

  • Back Office to log in and use any and all features for Digital and Social Media Marketing help 

  • Instagram Stories Vault - never have brain block for your stories! 

FREE My Week in Social Media notepad when you join - worth £10! 



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