The DIVA Media Instagram workshops will introduce you to the introductory ways of using Instagram for your wedding business. It will give you the tools you need to make your brand stand out from the crowd. 


We will translate the Insta-jargon, coach you through how to create a show stopping profile page, an optimum grid, and answer all your questions along the way.


There is no need to feel intimidated by the functionality of this App, we’ll talk you through the basics in an informal environment with space for just 10 people. 


We’ll provide the Coffee, the treats and the inspiration! So you just need to arrive with a fully charged smart phone and a smile, as we chat through how to grow your business using the most visual form of Social Media, and the most crucial for the wedding industry. 

We have two packages - one designed for the total beginner who needs to start using this tool to build their business, and another for the person that knows the basics, but needs a little help understanding the way Instagram works, what the little algorithm monster likes, what it doesn’t and how to grow your business using it. 

A Beginners Guide To Instagram 


⭐️ Making your Profile Page Business Ready! Including your Bio and the importance of this.  

⭐️ How to post to your grid 

⭐️ Find and manage your profile insights 

⭐️ Introduction to the top 3 FREE Apps to use to compliment your business

⭐️ Instagram Stories. What are they? Why are they important - and importantly - how to create them! 

⭐️ Content Creation - what to post, how to create a good post, and planning ahead.

⭐️ An introduction to Hashtags

⭐️ Inclusion in the DIVA Media Engagement Pod- and instructions on how to use it. 

Location - Hereford Racecourse - Hospitality Boxes


Time - 9.30 - 12noon

Cost - £99 per person 

DIVA-GRAM  - The Next Steps


⭐️  A Quick overview of your profile and bio - to ensure you’re making the most of your “first look”!  

⭐️  Guidance on my top FREE apps to use to compliment your Instagram 

⭐️  Content Creation - What to post, how to create a good post, and planning ahead.

⭐️  Using Instagram Ads

⭐️  Hashtags - what are they and how to use them to your advantage

⭐️  Instagram Stories - An in-depth look at how to create, what sort of content you should be using, and what to add to them as well as how to increase your story views. 

⭐️  Live broadcasting

⭐️  Your visual style, branding your feed and planning ahead

⭐️  Instagram Captions  

⭐️  Build your enquiries 

⭐️  Measuring the growth of your page and how to keep it building. 

⭐️  Inclusion in the DIVA Media Engagement Pod - and how to use it. 

Location - Hereford Racecourse - Hospitality Boxes

Date - October 2020  - DATE TBC PLEASE ENQUIRE 

Time -1pm - 3.30pm

Cost - £99 per person 

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The Facts...

Social Media is changing the way the world works, and in turn the way businesses are run and advertised. 

Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide and 29.1 million of those are UK based. 

 90% of accounts follow at least one business on Instagram and over "78% of people surveyed said that seeing brands on instagram was creative, entertaining and committed to building relationships*" 

Knowing these stats - Instagram is becoming a valuable tool in building your business and we are here to help you grow.