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Picture this - It’s Christmas 2024, and you’re sitting in your cosy home, sipping on a mulled wine with your loved ones, celebrating the beginning of the Christmas break for you, away from your business.


You are celebrating  your biggest financial year yet and you sit knowing that the next 12 months will be an even more magical mix of Calmness, Connection and Profitability. 


This was me last year, and will be again this year. I sat and watched my children open their presents on christmas morning, with a sense of total fulfilment.  I had worked my butt off for 10 years, brought up my 2 children alone, and built the foundations to my empire and was finally able to enjoy it. 

I don't want you to work like I did for 5 years. There is no need when I have done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and learned ALL the lessons for you, and I am about to give you the exact roadmap as to how I did it. 

🌟 Welcome to elevateHER Mission:
Transform Your Business, Elevate Your Life 🌟
elevateHER Mission is your groundbreaking 9 month transformational programme meticulously crafted for women in business like you - particularly women ready to make their first (or next 👀) 6 figures.
This isn't just about business growth; it's about cultivating Calmness, forging Connections, and boosting Profitability while leading a life that aligns with your aspirations.
ElevateHER is designed to help you achieve the 6 figure milestone in your business while working smarter, not harder. 
elevateHER Mission is not just a programme;  it's a movement.
A movement where women empower each other to rise, achieve, and thrive.

Welcome to elevateHER Mission

Copy of 4 Step Road Map Template (1).png

You don't have to assemble bits of free content from YouTube anymore and scroll through  the saved content you've found on instagram.


 There's no need to wander through the floors of the business building, wondering which door to open next.

Instead, step into the elevator with me because I'm offering you a key to the penthouse, where success awaits. 

Consider me your guide, providing you with the map, precise directions, and a community that supports your ascent to the next level.


It's a higher way, a penthouse-level approach, like never before. 🌟

Whats included? 

👉🏼 9 x 60 minute modules of a recorded training dropped to you on the 1st of every month. 

This will give you your training to listen, watch and digest whenever you are ready. No live calls to stick to - just work at your own pace. Each month you’ll elevate another level up our building,  ready to get to your rooftop penthouse. 

👉🏼 9 x 90-120 minute group coaching sessions at the end of every month with individual hot seat coaching and accountability which will walk you through your training for the month. 


👉🏼 9 x  workbooks, including checklists and templates, to help you implement everything you learn in your training with ease and clarity. 

👉🏼 The Blueprint Boutique (sold separately for £39 pcm) - all the everything you need to level up your business from email marketing funnels, to comprehensive templates, lead magnets and more to run your business with ease.

👉🏼 Your own login to the elevateHER portal where you'll find and array of bonuses, printables, journals, additional trainings and sessions ready to dive into when you need it. Think of this as your very own Netflix for women in business.


👉🏼 A juicy library of guest expert trainings on must-have subjects like small business finance, and developing a CEO mindset. 


👉🏼 You’ll gain access to the private mastermind messaging Group Voxer, and coaching support on weekdays to help you implement what I teach. 

You’ll get 9 months of industry leading strategies, continuous support, actionable takeaways, and guidance from someone who’s been exactly where you are — teaching you how to build a business that lets you excel, expand and earn all in equal measure. 

9 x Monthly Payments 


Because it's an overused buzz word - let's dive a little bit deeper into exactly what the floors in our business building look like...


Excel - March, April and May 


After our kick off call at the end of February, we'll be focusing on your personal expansion in the first of our three sections. Together we'll uncover your zone of genius, work out your short term, long term and end goals together AND crucially, put in a plan to get you there! (A vision board  is great but ultimately without a plan, its just a wish...!)

We'll also be discovering your your leadership styles, and how to develop your success strategy by leaning into your own aligned way of doing business. (Don't want to do something in your business anymore...say buh bye baby as we will be ditching it together.)

Expand -June, July and August

Focussing on defining your industry expertise. What is it that makes you the expert? Why should people buy from you or work with you? How can we show up in an easy and profitable way in your marketing to say goodbye to the tumbleweeds when you post a reel, and hello to the £££'s in your account.  

We'll also be looking at additional streams of income in this quarter and how we can add revenue streams to your business for little effort. Fancy having payment notifications run on auto pilot while you sleep?!


You are about to step into being the CEO of your business and learning how to work ON your business and not IN. (Yes theres a huge difference!) 

Earn - September, October and November


We're rounding off 2024 boosting your earning potential. Setting up your Service Suite for success, eliminating your marketing worries and getting those 2025 diaries FULL. 

This quarter includes a comprehensive strategy behind your email marketing and how to set up your fire freebie funnel, how to design and create lead magnets and how to convert warm leads into confirmed bookings. (This workshop alone is sold for £500 and will CHANGE the way you market your business). Hello spare time! 


But Sophie, how do I know this will work for me? 

The floor you depart on is ultimately up to you, but you can expect some of the following to make an appearance as we rise to the penthouse.

✔️ Gaining tons of confidence around showing up on social, serving clients, selling on and offline.

✔️ Feeling like a REAL CEO running a REAL business that runs like a well-oiled machine

✔️ Increasing your Income to give you the life you love.  

elevateHER  is a programme that hands you a proven framework for building your life in a fulfilling, exciting way alll while teaching you to really make waves.

My proven methods focus on bringing calmness to the chaos of entrepreneurship. Imagine running your business with a serene mindset, navigating challenges with poise, and making decisions from a place of tranquility. Let's transform your workdays from frantic to focused.


I guess the only question left is where will elevateHER take you?  


Are you ready to jump in the lift with me?

(Something tells me it’s going to be the best damn ride you’ve ever taken🥂)




9 x Monthly Payments 


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